Toe Cars (Controlled Articular Rotations) / Toe Yoga

Dr Notley, Winnipeg Chiropractor and Athletic therapist demonstrates a mobility drill for the toes, called Toe CARs or Toe Yoga.

The toes are often neglected when it come to mobility. The joints in this area deserve to move just like the rest of the joints in our body. Rigid shoes limit how much the toes should move. The toes can bend up and down but can also spread apart. Using toe spreaders/spaces are a helpful addition to this exercise Repeat this movement side to side a number of times a day.

** There should be no pain with this movement. If you do experience pain seek out care from a profesional. Dr Notley is available, by appointment, through the following link**

Dr Notley’s practice is an evidence informed, multi-modal treatment method which combines spinal manipulation/mobilization, exercises, acupuncture and other modes of care, along with patient education.

Exercise: Seated Thoracic Extensions

The mid back is often a problem that I see when treating my athletes. Living in a forward slouched posture leads to the spine rounding forward. This problem can often be seen in those with neck pain and shoulder pain.

If you are dealing with pain in between the shoulder blades, shoulders or neck this might be something I would give to you to perform.

Body weight shoulder flow #1

Here is a flow of movements that you can explore.  It challenges the shoulder in multiple angles that often do not get addressed in standard weight lifting exercises.

  • “downward dog”
  • dive bomber
  • quadruped kick through
  • single arm table top
  • quadruped kick through other side
  • single arm table top other side
  • repeat

Slow this exercise down to discover where your shoulders, and body, have difficulty. Moving quickly will only hide where you struggle.

Dr Notley

Get moving, #experiencemovement, challenge your body, #exploremovement and take control of your body #ownyourspine