Calf Stretch I

Muscles Stretched
1. Gastrocnemius
2. Soleus
3. Extrinsic foot flexors

Start Position
1. Hands against wall
2. Place sole of one foot against wall
3. The leg of the foot being stretched is straight
4. Heel on ground

Finish Position
1. Lunge body forward towards wall

Common Errors
1. Only placing the toes on the wall and allowing the toe to extend back. The entire foot should remain straight.

** Note: it is best to wear shoes during this stretch

Ankle Mobility Exercises to Improve Dorsiflexion

For many of my patients who are active and have problems with their anywhere from their feet to their lower back ankle mobility may be an issue. Poor ankle mobility can compromise the stability of the foot, knee and lower back.  Common problems that we see with people with poor ankle mobility are knee pain, Achilles tendonitis/tendonopathy, lower back pain.  We often see poor squat and single leg squat mechanics as well.  Therefore, improving the ankle mobility may help improve your lower extremity pains, reduce the likelihood of injury as well as improve performance when you train or compete.  I found this great article by Mike Reinhold that goes more in depth in this area. Ankle Mobility Exercises to Improve Dorsiflexion – Mike Reinold.

Stretches sidebarAnkle Mobility Stretches

Here are some of my favorites all of which are highlighted in the article.  I hope this helps you in your injury care or athletic pursuits. The last one is my most favorite. Sometimes people need more specific care to improve the mobility of the ankle.  I often will use Active Release Techniques (ART) to help improve the extensibility of the capsule and the ligaments of the ankle.  I’ll also use ART or acupuncture to work/loose the muscles in the three compartments of the leg if needed. You can also use foam rolling or self myofascial release methods as mentioned in the article or simply check out these release methods

Dr Notley

The Best Exercises for Crossfit Shoulder Health – YouTube


Take a look at these exercises for taking care of your shoulders.  There are a bunch of exercises I already give my patients, some new ones and some that I’d avoid for some of my patients.  What I like is that the video promotes improving mobility in the thoracic spine, scapular stability and finally finishing it off with activities that promote motor control of all regions that aid in shoulder movement. The Best Exercises for Crossfit Shoulder Health – YouTube. My take home advice with these exercises is two fold. 1. Just performing the exercise isn’t as effective as performing it right.  Make sure technique is impeccable. The reason for shoulder injuries in the first place is improper technique. 2. Choose the correct exercises to help your shoulder.  You could perform all the exercises and get better but each workout would take a long time.  Not very efficient.  Have someone assess you correctly so the most effective exercises can be given to you. Dr Notley Helping you move better, feel better, perform better in Winnipeg since 2000