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Hamstring III Stretch

Muscles Stretched

  • Hamstrings

Start Position

  1. Sitting on table
  2. One leg straight on table
  3. Other leg straight down off side of table
  4. Back straight
  5. Toes pointing up.

Finish Position

  1. Bend at the hip
  2. Bring chest forward.
  3. back straight


  1. Point toes slightly out to stretch the outer hamstring
  2. Point toes slightly in to stretch the inner hamstring
  3. Reach for the toes to stretch the lower hamstring
  4. Reach for the ankle and stretch the mid-hamstring
  5. Reach for the ankle and point the toes down to stretch the upper hamstring

Common Errors

  • Bending forward with the trunk
  • Knee bends

Originally posted on May 17, 2022 @ 4:37 pm