Exercise: Seated Thoracic Extensions

The mid back is often a problem that I see when treating my athletes. Living in a forward slouched posture leads to the spine rounding forward. This problem can often be seen in those with neck pain and shoulder pain.

If you are dealing with pain in between the shoulder blades, shoulders or neck this might be something I would give to you to perform.

Comparing hamstring activity with three different kettlebell swings

I found this paper, Hamstring Myoelectrical Activity During Three Different Kettlebell Swing Exercises.  

The paper compared how 3 different swings, the hinge swing, the squat swing, and the double knee extension swing (used in those who train for kettlebell sport) affected the hamstring muscles. The 3 hamstring muscles were divided into 2 parts a medial part (semitendinosus and semimembranosus) and the lateral part (biceps femoris).

What they found was that for all three swings the medial hamstring worked more than the lateral hamstring.  They also found that the hinge swing produced the most hamstring muscle activity throughout the entire movement compared to the other swings.

What this means is that when a person is rehabilitating a hamstring strain we may want to progress from a swing that produces less strain to one that produces more.


Exercise: Z-lying position

Z-lying Position

The z-lying position, lying the supine lie,  is often an exercise I use for those dealing with back pain.  While in this position, you are to focus on relaxing.  If this isn’t comfortable then another position may be needed. As you relax in this position focus on breaking from the belly. When you inhale you should feel your belly rise and your sides expand out.  As you exhale these collapse in.  Spend some time here relaxing and breathing.