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The Front Plank Exercise: More Challenges

Like my previous post, The Front Plank: New Challenges, learning to keep the core stable while moving the limbs adds to the challenge of performing a plank. Once you can successfully complete the previous blog’s exercises get a TRX suspension trainer (or any other type of suspension trainer) and a theraball, and try out these exercises.  These are challenging exercises for the athletes and fitness clients that I have at my chiropractic practise.

TRX Body Saws

If you own a TRX suspension trainer, or any suspension trainer for that matter, place your feet in the loops and perform a plank.  From there, using your arms, pull your body forwards and backwards like your body was a wood saw. The your elbows move in front of your shoulders the harder the exercise becomes.

Stir the pot with therapy ball

Plant your feet on the ground and your bent elbows on the ball (you are performing a plank on the ball). Then use your elbows to roll the ball in clockwise and counter clockwise circles.

TRX Bus Drivers

Every time I see the name of this exercise I think of the song by Raffi, “The Wheels on the Bus”.  Anyways, this exercise is performed with the hands in the straps of the TRX.  You are in a push up position, which is very similar to the plank. The more horizontal you are the harder the exercise will be.  Start with the straps on one side of the head. Then move the straps over the head to the other side of the head. Repeat.

TRX Prone Swimmers

Start in the same position as though you were doing a chest press (pushup position with hands in straps). The more horizontal you are the harder the exercise will become.  The exercise can be a little more complicated than others because each arm is doing a different movement. While one arm bends at the elbow like doing a push up the other arm is straight reaching up and out to the side.

These exercises could be made even more difficult by narrowing the width of your feet or standing on only one leg (I haven’t tried this yet but it should be fun). Just remember to keep the hips and shoulders parallel to the ground.

Challenge your self. Make your back stronger. Make your body stronger.

Until next time. Dr Notley

Dr Notley, Chiropractor and Athletic Therapist, in Winnipeg

Originally posted on May 17, 2022 @ 4:40 pm