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Exercise: Reach Roll Lift

Reach Roll Lift
End position of the Reach Roll Lift

The reach roll lift exercise may be a helpful exercise to practice if you are struggling with working overhead or performing exercises such as the shoulder press, snatch, push press, and overhead then you have poor scapular stability.

The intent of the reach roll lift is to increase activation of the lower trapezius, rotator cuff and latissimus dorsi to aid in better shoulder stabilization in overhead positions. Better stability of the shoulder blade may also aid in better mobility in the shoulder joint itself.

How to perform the reach roll lift:

1. Lay on your stomach or sit back into your hips (as seen in video). REACH your arms out in front of you with your palms down.

2. Rotate/ROLL your palms up so they are putting up, as much as possible, and then pull the arm down towards your feet.

3. Lift the the hand up off the ground without bending elbow.

This exercise is not for everyone. If you lack shoulder mobility or thoracic mobility. Myofascial release or Active Release Techniques along with spinal manipulation may help to improve restrictions in the joints. Check out some of my older posts for exercises that can improve thoracic mobility.

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Originally posted 2013-08-14 19:50:03.