Half Kneeling Pallof Press for Hip Mobility/Rotary Stability

Image captured from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ydz9J4tqkoA

Half Kneeling Palloff Press

I’ve mentioned the Pallof press before in a blog post  a couple if years ago.  Here is the half kneeling pallof press.  Just like the pallof press, the half kneeling pallof press is an anti rotation exercise but it can also be an exercise that will help with improving your ability to extend your hip.

If you narrow your support be bringing your front foot in line with your knee that is on the floor you will find that the lateral hip musculature (gluteus medius/minimus) and gluteus maximus must become more active.

Common errors I see are:

  1. Head forward position
  2. The hip on the knee down sit flexing and not staying neutral
  3. The thoracic spine rotating as the arms extend out in front.
  4. Lower ribs flaring up during activity.

Check out this article by Physio Answers

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