Patient Testimonial: Iliotibial band syndrome

I recently received this email from a patient.  I asked him if it was ok for me to post it on the website.

Hi Dr. Notley,


It’s been over a year since I saw you (at Downtown office). Just wanted to mention that I booked an appointment for my wife, K,  at the Dakota office. She is looking for someone to help her with back/postural issues which have always plagued her and which have recently become more noticeable in her ballet and hip-hop dancing. We have a regular chiropractor who is great for adjustments but she is now hoping for some exercises which can help improve her issues, which made me think of you.
As for my own testimonial:
Thank you so much for helping cure my illotibial band syndrome which had bothered me on and off since starting to run longer distances. What helped the most was that I felt you gave me tools to understand my own body and correct the weaknesses myself. Not only were the IT band problems addressed but also intermittent lower back pain caused by my desk job — several of the exercises you gave me also help to prevent the back issues.
I stopped seeing you once my issues were resolved, so I never got to update you on my goal results. A few months after my last appointment I ran a PR 1:23:17 in the Manitoba Marathon Half-Marathon event, good for 21st place overall — and I won my age group!!

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