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Exercise of the Week: Pallof Press

This week I would like to introduce to you the Pallof Press.  This is one of those core exercises that look simple to perform but can be a great challenge in preventing spinal rotation.  Having the ability to keep the core stiff allows energy to be transferred from the hips to the shoulders in activities like throwing a ball, and ultimate frisbee or taking a slap shot in hockey.  The lack of ability to resist rotation increases the stress on the spine such as the discs and the joints during those same activities. This can lead to back injury and back pain.

The physics behind the pallof press is based on levers.  The longer the lever the more rotation will be produced therefore more need to resist that rotation.

How to perform the Pallof Press:
You can use a pulley system, tubing, or trx rip trainer to perform this exercise

  • Stand facing perpendicuar to the pulley.
  • Grap the handing with both hands and close to your body
  • Step away from the pulley to lift the weight, or to add tension to the tubing/TRX Rip Trainer
  • Straighten arms out in front of you until they are straight
Make sure that there is no  hip rotation or shoulder rotation while holding the end position for a few seconds.
There are different ways to challenge yourself with this exercise.  Try these:
  1. On your knees
  2. Kneeling lunge position
  3. Standing with legs wide
  4. Standing with legs narrow
  5. Standing in the athletic stance
  6. Standing on one leg

Give this exercise a try next time you work on your core but make sure that you have good posture.  Your shoulders and head should be back and there should be a slight arch to the spine.

Enjoy the exercise.

Dr Notley
Forever learning Chiropractor/Athletic Therapist

Originally posted 2012-01-20 03:40:00.