Exercise: Supine Twist Beginner

Supine Twist Beginner

Start by laying on the back with your knees bent.  Drop your knees down to one side. There should be limited pain while performing this exercise.  You don’t knee to push through pain. If pain is increasing during this exercise then stop.  Drop the knees from side to side or just to one side prescribed to you by your chiropractor/athletic therapist.  If you can get your knees to the ground take a moment and breath into the belly.  Feel the muscles expand and relax with each breath. You should feel a pull in to the buttocks and lower back.

A Spinal Manipulative Therapy or Lumbar Nerve Root Injections comparative study

Herniated discs, especially those that result in pain down the leg are troubling for  athletes, weekend warriors or just the regular Joe/Jane.  I am sure there are people who avoid seeing a chiropractor because they have been told that they have a herniated disc. They have been told by others that a chiropractic adjustment would make them worse and to not go see one.

I treat people with herniated discs, sciatic, and back pain every day.  This is what I treat the most in my practice.  Spinal Manipulative Therapy, the chiropractic adjustment,  is often a part of a person’s treatment.  It does help and this paper shows that. The paper even shows that spinal manipulation has similar effects to medical procedures.