A Spinal Manipulative Therapy or Lumbar Nerve Root Injections comparative study

Herniated discs, especially those that result in pain down the leg are troubling for  athletes, weekend warriors or just the regular Joe/Jane.  I am sure there are people who avoid seeing a chiropractor because they have been told that they have a herniated disc. They have been told by others that a chiropractic adjustment would make them worse and to not go see one.

I treat people with herniated discs, sciatic, and back pain every day.  This is what I treat the most in my practice.  Spinal Manipulative Therapy, the chiropractic adjustment,  is often a part of a person’s treatment.  It does help and this paper shows that. The paper even shows that spinal manipulation has similar effects to medical procedures.

Efficacy of Spinal Manipulation for Chronic Headache: A Systematic Review

Found this systematic review on spinal manipulative therapy (SMT) and chronic headaches.  Though the authors note that the research isn’t based on strong studies this is their conclusion:

SMT appears to have a better effect than massage for cervicogenic headache. It also appears that SMT has an effect comparable with commonly used first-line prophylactic prescription medications for tension-type headache and migraine headache. This conclusion
rests on a few trials of adequate methodological quality. Before any firm conclusions can be drawn, further testing should be done in rigorously designed, executed, and analyzed trials with followup periods of sufficient length.

How much are your kids sitting? How much are you sitting?

Source: stand-vs-sit-1024×905.png (1024×905)

This infographic is a good illustration of how much time our kids sit or more importantly how inactive our kids can be throughout the day.

How often are you sitting?

Look at this graphic again. Think about your day.  How often are you sitting? You drive to work, you sit in your office or cubicle, then sitting for lunch, and then back to work. When the day is done you drive home, eat supper and watch tv or sit at the computer.  

Check out this pdf.  http://standupkids.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/Letter-Size-Sitting.pdf As you can see, there are a lot of negative effects of sitting.  Though the pdf if about kids this can easily be applied to adults

We are too sedentary.  Our joints are meant to rotate/slide. Our muscles are meant to contract.  We are meant for movement!

So what can you do?

  • Take mini breaks while at work.
  •  Get out of your chair more.
  • Walk to talk to colleagues rather than email.
  • Get a sit to stand desk so you can stand more.
  • Take walks at lunch or after, or better yet, both.
  • Get a fitbit or other form of pedometer and challenge yourself to walk at least 10,000 sets a day.
  • Join a gym but chose standing exercises versus machine based exercises.
  • Perform yoga.

If you can’t do these activities because of pain then you need to see someone who can help you figure out what you need to do to get you moving more and with less pain.