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Pushups – Protecting the shoulders

Pushups can be a problem for those with shoulder issues and possibly the reason for their shoulder pain.  Proper technique may be all that is needed to take away the pain.  Stabilizing the shoulder with this simple tweak to the pushup may decrease your pain and increase your strength in pushing movements thus protecting the shoulder.

If you have difficulty with this exercise try performing a push up position plank. It is the same position as the pushup up except you just hold yourself in the top position of the pushup.  Practise holding the shoulder in that “elbow pits” out position while you hold the plank.

Other Likely causes of shoulder pain during the pushup may be poor wrist mobility, poor shoulder blade stability, poor thoracic mobility, poor core stability, an imbalance/myofascial tightness of the rotator cuff  and shoulder blade stabilizer muscles or previous injury. Having these areas corrected first may be what you need to take the pain away from your shoulders or prevent the occurrence of an injury.

Originally posted 2013-08-20 14:54:41.