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Improve your weak links improve your performance

To prove to others where I stand in achieving my goal of 40 TRX atomic push ups and 40 TRX low rows I video taped myself.

Most people would say I am a pretty shy and quiet guy so recording myself so the world makes me a little nervous.  I must admit though staying status quo and never challenging yourself only leads to mediocrity.  So here is my TRX challenge video.

I am happy to say that after my first test I achieved 23 TRX atomic push ups and 20 TRX low rows.  I wanted to achieve 20/20 so I have achieved my first goal.

Improving Weak Links to Improve Performance

As a Chiropractor and Athletic Therapist I am always looking at my patient to find their weak links.  So instead of just performing my challenge and counting reps I am also looking for own weak links. By improving my weak links I can improve my performance.

Here are some of the things I am doing that I fell need improvement.

  1. My elbows wobble during the TRX atomic pushups.  This likely means that I have poor proprioception/stabilization in my shoulders and scapular region.  I will have to incorporate some exercises into my program to rectify this. Scapular and shoulder/rotator cuff exercises are great for prevention and care of shoulder and upper back injuries.
  2. I think I could have gone through a larger range of motion with my knees during the TRX atomic pushups
  3. Though some TRX videos do accept having some bending of the hips during the TRX low row I feel that it is important to maintain a strong core and any bending that results during the motion indicates some weekends.  Therefore I need to continue to work on my core muscles which will results in a more effective movement of my arms.  A stronger core means stronger legs and stronger arms.

After 3 weeks of training I am planning on performing the test again. I will keep you posted on my results.  My goal for the next test is to beat 30/30.

To all of my patients from Winnipeg and my fellow TRX-ers keep challenging yourself to be better than you were when you were younger.

Until next time

Dr Notley

Originally posted 2010-08-18 16:32:00.