A Runner’s Endorsement

“I refer to Dr. Notley as my ‘ninja chiropractor’ because it seemed that no matter what ailed me, he was able to fix it. I’m a runner and he helped me understand the way my body moves in relation to my nagging aches, and then, in addition to the ART, manual adjustments, and dry needling, was able to give me the precise therapeutic exercises to balance out my movements and I’ve been running injury and pain free ever since. I’m extremely grateful.” C.D

Testimonial – Crossfit Trainer and Athlete

Often times people forget that I am an athletic therapist as well as a Chiropractor.  I treat all forms of muscle and joint injuries.  Chiropractors are trained to adjust all joints in our body not just the spine.  Athletic therapists are excellent at understanding movement, exercise prescription and treatment for acute/chronic injuries.  When I decided to become a Chiropractor it was so I could expand my treatment skills so I could serve my patients more completely.  Check out this testimonial from one of my patients.

As a trainer and a movement specialist who practices weightlifting, CrossFit, gymnastics, yoga, and jiu-jitsu, I need a self-maintenance strategy and Dr Notley is an essential part of my team. I see Dr. Notley the moment I feel something isn’t quite right in my body, and he is one of the very few practitioners to whom I refer my clients. He has a wide variety of tools in his toolbox, everything from Active Release Techniques, to chiropractic adjustments, to acupuncture. I love how he takes the time I need to get to the bottom of the issue, rather than just trying to relieve symptoms. I never feel like I’m being rushed out of his office. We speak the same language, and I know that Dr. Notley won’t discourage me from practicing any of the sports I love so much. Instead, he will help me get back to training and make suggestions for things I can do to get stronger and healthier.

I always appreciate these comments from patients

Dr Notley

Winnipeg’s only dual credentialed chiropractor/athletic therapist

Patient Testimonial: Iliotibial band syndrome

I recently received this email from a patient.  I asked him if it was ok for me to post it on the website.

Hi Dr. Notley,


It’s been over a year since I saw you (at Downtown office). Just wanted to mention that I booked an appointment for my wife, K,  at the Dakota office. She is looking for someone to help her with back/postural issues which have always plagued her and which have recently become more noticeable in her ballet and hip-hop dancing. We have a regular chiropractor who is great for adjustments but she is now hoping for some exercises which can help improve her issues, which made me think of you.
As for my own testimonial:
Thank you so much for helping cure my illotibial band syndrome which had bothered me on and off since starting to run longer distances. What helped the most was that I felt you gave me tools to understand my own body and correct the weaknesses myself. Not only were the IT band problems addressed but also intermittent lower back pain caused by my desk job — several of the exercises you gave me also help to prevent the back issues.
I stopped seeing you once my issues were resolved, so I never got to update you on my goal results. A few months after my last appointment I ran a PR 1:23:17 in the Manitoba Marathon Half-Marathon event, good for 21st place overall — and I won my age group!!

Testimonial: Equestrian Rider

As an equestrian and all around athlete, I’ve taken a few tough falls and developed chronic pain as a result. After receiving treatment from a variety of practitioners over the years, and only having short term results, I wasn’t sure anyone was going to be able to help me to train and compete without pain. But after emailing and asking Dr. Notley some questions I decided to give it another shot. I’m so glad I did! The care I received from Dr. Notley for long term injuries I had was exceptional! Dr. Notley really made an effort to see me through every aspect of treatment with care and compassion, and treated me like a person with goals, opposed to “just another patient”. By taking an interest in my sport and goals, my recovery was more personalised and tailored to what I needed in relation to my injuries and sport. Before I knew it I was noticing improvements and was able to compete pain free for the first time in a long time. It’s great to know someone like Dr. Notley has my back (literally)! I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a involved, knowledgable, and supportive Chiropractor/Athletic Therapist!

Thanks again and again for all your help! 

K. Hossack

Testimonial: Iliotibial Band Friction Syndrome

I received this testimonial from one of my Chiropractic patients at Downtown Chiropractic who had iliotibial band friction syndrome.  Active Release Techniques, acupuncture as well as joint manipulation and corrective exercises were used to help this patient.

Hey Dr Notley!

A thousand thank you’s for getting me to the start line as healthy as possible!  I made it the whole 26.2 miles yesterday at a time very close to my goal 4 hrs 27 mins!

I kept waiting for the pain to kick in (even popped a couple of advils about Mile 15 in anticipation, but my IT band/knee thing never even hurt!  With each mile in, I realized it was still not hurting and I started to get super excited that I was going to be able to do the whole marathon!  It tightened up as soon as I stopped running, but by that point who really cares?  I felt fantastic!  Super tired in the last couple of miles but crossed the line with a huge smile!

Best run ever!  I am so happy that I came to you for help!  

So, this morning I’m a little stiff, but it’s a general all over kind of stiffness – going to do some stretches now!



It was a pleasure to help you Judy.

Dr Notley