Testimonial: Wrist, Elbow and Neck Pain

I received the following testimonial, in an email, from one of my patients:

I’d been suffering with wrist, elbow and neck pain for about a year-and-a-half. I’d seen various sports medicine doctors and physiotherapists, but, unfortunately, without any luck in pain management. Dr. Notley introduced himself via Twitter, after I made a comment about wrist pain I was experiencing.

The day after my first appointment, I already felt 30% improvement in my wrist and I had full range of motion in my neck. After only a couple of months of first weekly and then bi-weekly treatment, I feel better and more pain-free than I have before!

Dr. Notley is a very professional, friendly and down-to-earth individual. I appreciate that he really took the time to sit with me at my first appointment to see what would be the best course of treatment for me. I had a referral for acupuncture, but turns out A.R.T. (Active Release Techniques) is what was best for my body.

Dr. Notley’s level of experience is definitely what sets him apart in the field and I’d recommend him to anyone seeking relief from pain!

From @cleszczynski

Thank you Cindy!

Dr Notley

P.S. Cindy gave me permission to post her email and give her twitter name.

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