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Mobility drill for the mid foot

Dr Notley, Winnipeg Chiropractor and Athletic therapist demonstrates a mobility drill for the mid foot.

** There should be no pain with this movement. If you do experience pain seek out care.

The mid foot is often neglected when it come to mobility. The joints in this area deserve to move just like the rest of the joints in our body.

Rigid shoes limit how much the foot should move. The medial arch is meant to collapse and create an arch. This movement depends on the mobility of the joints in the mid foot. These joints are made up of 10 bones (3 cuneiforms, 5 metatarsals, cuboid and navicular).

As you will see in the video, when you rotate your body one way the lead foot starts to produce an arch and the trail foot’s arch collapses.

Repeat this movement side to side a number of times a day

Originally posted 2018-08-19 15:44:09.