Exposing a TRX Suspension Trainer Fake

Please Read:  This is an update to all those who read this and keep telling me that I can not compare the two TRX’s because they are two versions. If you actually read the article I say that I am aware that a direct comparison can’t be made.  The focus of this post is inform people that fakes exist and you should buy from a company who you can trust. It also allows purchasers to see what the two versions look like.  Read this article and my updated article. There are some definite fakes out there. Mine was of good quality but others have not been.  Buyer be warned.

About 2 weeks ago I contacted Fitness Anywhere regarding a problem that I had with my TRX suspension trainer. The problem I had was that the cam, which adjusts the length of the straps, had a tendency to not hold onto the strap after adjusting the length. The response I received from them was that this kind of problem has been seen on fake/counterfeit TRX’s. They asked me to take some pictures of my TRX and email them. The next morning I received an email and found out that my TRX was a fake.

I contacted the store, in Winnipeg,  from which I had purchased the TRX to tell them that it was a fake. The owner was rather surprised. He had indicated to me that he knew who the distributor was and he would look into it. He also offered to replace it with a new TRX, from Twist Conditioning, which is an approved dealer of the TRX in Canada.

When I went to get my new TRX the owner told me that the distributor that he had purchased the fake TRX from had been caught. He had called all of the people he who had purchased the fake from him to inform them that a fake was purchased. He now purchases his TRX from Twist Conditioning.

Because this happened to me I decided to do a comparison of the fake and a genuine TRX. Sadly, I don’t feel this will be a great comparision because the fake was a P1 version and the genuine is a P2 version. Regardless, I hope for any of you looking to purchase, or have purchased a TRX, the video and pictures will help you recognize a counterfeit or at the very least make you more aware that there are great fakes out there that need to be exposed.

Make sure you take a look at my two videos: one of the fake TRX and one of the Genuine TRX

As I search around on-line for images of the P1 TRX it is difficult to see a good view of what the genuine P1 TRX looks like. The Fitness Anywhere website does not describe how to recognize a fake either.

Here is my component by component comparison.

Fake TRX Suspension Trainer
Fake TRX P1


Components of Genuine TRX P2 suspension trainer
Genuine TRX P2

Carabiner Clips

The carabiner clips are different but this may be due to different models. From on-line images, the fake has the same style as the genuine. Quality of carabiner would be difficult to assess by visual inspections The P2 has a much nicer ergonomics to the carabiner which fits better with the loops when wrapping it around poles or attaching the straps to the over the door attachment.

Fake TRX Suspension Trainer
Fake TRX P1


Components of Genuine TRX P2 suspension trainer
Genuine TRX P2

Suspension Anchor and straps (parachute webbing)

The parachute webbing of the fake feels thicker and has a rougher texture compared to the genuine P2. The P2 stitching appears to be more thorough.  Customer service did tell me that the stitching was inconsistent in the fake.  This would definitely be a difficult thing to recognize.

Fake TRX Suspension Trainer
Fake TRX P1
Genuine TRX P2 suspension anchor
Genuine TRX P2

Logos on Suspension anchor

When comparing the fake P1 with images of the P1, on-line, the logos appear to be identical on the suspension anchor. The P2 has a new, updated logo. It would be difficult to recognize a fake based on looking at the logos


Fake TRX Suspension Trainer
Fake TRX P1
Components of Genuine TRX P2 suspension trainer
Genuine TRX P2

Adjusting Cams and Yellow tabs

This is where I discovered that my TRX was a fake. The cam was not closing enough to hold onto the strapping thus the strapping was slipping as I would try to exercise. Visually though, the cams on both models appear to be very similar. I should also point out that the slipping of the strapping didn’t occur until about three weeks into owning the fake.

The yellow tabs that you use to adjust the length of the straps appear to have differences in quality. The genuine tabs seem to be more “finished”. Also, when adjusting the straps the genuine seems to be tighter to lengthen versus the fake. It’s kind of hard to explain why this would be the case.

Fake TRX Suspension Trainer
Fake TRX P1


Components of Genuine TRX P2 suspension trainer
Genuine TRX P2


The glaring difference between my fake and a real TRX is that my handles have no Logos on them. The genuine one I have actually has a different logo than the logo on the suspension anchor and the patent numbers are below the logo. When I looked at one of the other fakes that the store owner had it actually had logos on the handle. Another thing I see that is different in the handles is the attachment point between the straps and the handle. The fake’s strapping seems to be unfinished and extends out into the triangle of the handle. The genuine one is finished and doesn’t extend into the triangle.

Fake TRX Suspension Trainer
Fake TRX P1


Components of Genuine TRX P2 suspension trainer
Genuine TRX P2

DVDs and Manuals

The most I can say about the DVDs and manuals is that the images may be slightly blurry on the fake TRX.


Upon visual inspection it would be very difficult to see the differences between a fake and a genuine TRX product. I must apologize for not being able to directly compare two P1 versions but I feel that even if I had compared the two with my untrained eye I would not have noticed the subtle differences.

If you feel as though you have a fake TRX email customer service and attach pictures of all parts of the device. It appears that customer service has been well trained in what to look for with fakes.  I can also understand why Fitness Anywhere would want to keep this information a secret.  If those who copy the TRX knew how to make the TRX even more like the genuine version they would be even harder to catch.

My only suggestion at this time, to prevent buying a fake TRX, is purchase directly from fitnessanywhere.com or through one of their authorized dealers.

I hope this posting was of some help.

Dr Notley

21 thoughts on “Exposing a TRX Suspension Trainer Fake

  1. Is the P1 you review really a “fake” or real but had elements updated in the P2. You’re not exactly comparing apples to apples.

  2. As I mentioned in the article, some of the differences may be due to the different models and that I would not be able to compare them completely. The apparent quality of the “fake”, and yes it was a confirmed fake by Fitness Anywhere, was quite good. There were subtle differences that I pointed out (slipping cam, finishing on the straps were poor and lack of identifying information the on main straps). In my humble opinion you likely won’t know you are getting a fake until something goes wrong with it. Sadly, if something goes wrong and it is a fake Fitness Anywhere won’t be replacing it but they are willing to help you try and get your money back (I am not sure what would be done since I did not have to go through this process).

    I hope that helps

  3. I bought one a few months ago and it’s clearly fake based on your photos.

    I’m not that hardcore with it, but now that i know it’s fake is there anything I can do to improve the quality without actually buying a totally new to sit next to it in the closet? Would buying a smaller/better carabiner do anything?

    The cam buckles haven’t slipped on me, but i’m only 120 lbs.

    Any suggestions that don’t exceed $30?

    Thanks (and great post!)

  4. @Alexandra.

    I suggest, if you suspect that your TRX is a fake, contact Fitness Anywhere and send them pictures of all parts of your TRX. They have been trained in what to look for. Remember, the fake TRX that I photographed was a “P1 version”. It was an excellent copy. I never would have suspected I had a fake had it functioned perfectly.

    Again, you may actually have a real TRX. If you bought it from their site or through their approved dealers they you should be alright. If bought through some other website or auction sites you run a greater risk at buying a fake. Like I said before, if you are suspicious then email Fitness Anywhere. They are quick to reply

    P.S. The cam buckle slips even with a moderate pull so regardless of your weight it would slip if it was a problem.

  5. Hi,

    Being that there is No picture of the TRX P1 anywhere….is it possible that this is some sort of ploy by TRX to ensure that only their new P2 version is purchased for the full amount instead of a dicounted older model that (lets face it) does exactly the same thing!! Ive got an identicle to your ‘fake’ model…If a company was to produce a fake model, would they go to such extents to put such quality into logos and straps that were obviously not the same to the P2…..

    Just asking!!

  6. I truely believe that these “fake” TRX’s are in fact the left overs of the ‘P1’ model….
    All the fake comparisons have been made between the P2 and P1 models, My fake/P1 model I have is very good quality; I just think TRX have uped their game with the P2 with respects to the karibenas and extra “bits”……And for £70 I’m not complaining, I even made one out of climbing products for less than that (yes, elephants can now TRX train!!)
    I’ve got the guy I bought from contacting his supplier: I’ll keep you posted!!

  7. Good article although if you look at the instructional DVD (All Body Xpress) according to your review he is using a fake! Same colour handles, same carabiner, no logos on handles.

    I have bought this one off amazon, and I suspect it could be fake as on reflection the price was very good. HOwever, I too cannot find any images of the P1 to compare it too.

  8. Thanks! That’s and interesting thing to note. You might be right, I don’t have the DVD so I have no idea.

  9. the new trx has the same caribina as the official ones, they are dangerous ,, they are made from a cheap cast material and snap quickly. if you have one and cannot return, cut off the clips and replace with mild steel ones that you can buy… ther are no free meals. but even the best off us get caught sometimes.

  10. Hi I bought a TRX force last month from an internet guy, I first suspected it was fake so I went online and searched for some pictures and all seemed right, even though, I had some doubts. After a few days I accidentally slid the rubber logo piece located near the handles and I found a small tag with a hologram and a serial number (I guess). I don´t know if all models have this tag, mine is a TRX Force but I hope at least I can help a little to spot fakes and avoid injuries.

  11. Hi Christopher Notley,

    Thanks for the feedback and comparison, it helps alot as I am working in the fitness industry and are still looking out for my research on TRX Suspension Trainer. I’ve seen a few fakes and genuine ones, the pictures might vary but it helps with the description thus I do not see any similarities among the pictures especially to identify the fake ones.
    Thumbs up!

  12. Hi Christopher
    I recently received what TRX told me was a fake from a guy on amazon. It was pretty hard to tell it from the original. I sent them photos. They told me they could tell by the carabiners, the handled, the cams and the stitching. it looks from your video as though the carabiners are bigger than mine, but i obviously don#t know how big your hands are! Could I ask you to pls measure the carabiner and let me know how tall it is. Thanks a lot

  13. The carabiner is 2 3/4 inches by 2 inches for the genuine TRX P2. I do not have the fake to measure that one. My hands are smaller so that might explain some things

  14. Mitchel: The purpose of this blog was to educate people that there are fakes out there and to purchae from an approved dealer. This blog is far from being a source of income. I have only had 3 TRXs purchased as a result of clicking on my affiliate link.

  15. Don’t know if mine is a fake or not but I fixed the sliding adjustment cams by cleaning them. Started to slide after 8 month.

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