Self myofascial release of the biceps and brachialis

The front of the arm has two muscles, the biceps brachii and the brachialis. Both muscles cross the elbow and are involved in flexing the elbow bringing the hand to the shoulder.  Whereas the brachialis only crosses the elbow, the biceps also crosses the front of the shoulder and proximal radio-ulnar joint (this joint is involved in turning the forearm. Because of this the biceps is involved in flexing the shoulder forward as well as turning the palm upwards (supinating) the forearm.  

The brachialis if found underneath the biceps covering the lower two thirds of the upper arm.  You can make some contact on the muscle if you come to the outside of the arm close to the lateral head of the triceps 

Pain in the biceps can refer to the shoulder or to the elbow. Pain in the brachialis refers to the same areas as the biceps as well as near the thumb

How to release the biceps and brachialis

1️⃣ Ideally grab a ball attached to a stick (for leverage)

2️⃣ To release the lower two thirds place the ball over the biceps to work the biceps or just between the biceps and triceps to work the brachialis. Starting with your elbow bent.   To release the upper third (biceps only) start with the shoulder extended

3️⃣ Pin the other part of the stick to your leg or something firm

4️⃣ Straighten your arm, like a triceps kick back

5️⃣ Draw the ball in the opposite direction of the arm movement to maintain tension

4 thoughts on “Self myofascial release of the biceps and brachialis

      • Thanks a lot for getting back to me. I just purchased the product. You’re the only person who I’ve seen use this technique. It’s awesome. Thanks again.

        • Hope you enjoy the tool. There are other pin and stretch methods that practitioners use such as ART, functional release, or fascial manipulation. This method is more of a concept and worth trying. Just remember, don’t do anything that hurts or aggravates you

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