How to get in and out of bed when dealing with back pain

You may be suffering with back pain right now and it is excruciating to get into or out of your bed.

Dr Notley, Winnipeg Chiropractor and Athletic therapist, demonstrates two methods on how to get into and out of your bed when you are experiencing back pain. Though you may still experience pain hopefully this will minimize the discomfort.

Method One

  1. Slide hands down your thighs and your hips flex forward. This is the short stop position.
  2. Place one hand on the bed and lift up the leg closest to the bed.
  3. Place the other hand on the bed and lower your body down onto the bed.
  4. Lift the other leg up onto the bed.
  5. Reverse the order to stand up.

Method Two

  1. Facing away from the bed move into the short stop position to help you sit down onto the bed.
  2. Lower yourself onto one elbow as you bring your legs up onto the bed.
  3. Lower yourself onto your shoulder.
  4. Turn your hips and pelvis at the same time to roll onto your back.
  5. Reverse the order to stand up.

Dr Notley



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