Healthy shoulders with shoulder circles (CARs)

To keep our joints healthy we need to move them, on a daily basis, throughout their full range of motion.


Shoulder Circles

Start this exercise with your palm facing your hip. By only moving the shoulder raise it up in front and overhead.There will come a point where you can’t move any further. Rotate the palm to the out side and continue to rotate backwards. As you continue through the circle the biceps rotates downward to be facing the floor. You should end with your palm facing away from your hip.

You can also perform this movement in the opposite direction.

Do your best to not rotate your torso or side bend.

A healthy shoulder should be able to move through a perfect or near perfect vertical circle. You won’t see this in the video

To gain an idea of how vertical your arm travels stand near a wall. As you perform the movement if you feel the arm touch the wall take a moment there and try and see if you can lift the arm away from the wall and continue on with the movement without touching the wall.

Perform this exercise on a daily basis.

If you experience pain with this movement you should book an appointment to have it checked out

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