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Chiropractic Testimonial: Female bodybuilder

As a chiropractor I meet a number of amazing people. They come to see me for various reasons. Some come because they were injured from a car accident, injured at work, or they have been injured pursing their fitness goals. Lorrainne is one of these amazing people. Lorrainne, is a competitive bodybuilder and she came in to see me for an injured shoulder several weeks before her first competition. what makes her amazing is how much she had changed her body in the matter of six years. You see, Lorrainne didn’t start her bodybuilding career as someone who was already in shape. Standing at only 5 foot 4, Lorrainne was 218 pounds in 2006. Now, she weighs in at 137 pounds. Check out her story in the Winnipeg free press.
Not only was this her first competition, but she won her weight class and the master’s division!

Lorrainne recently dropped me a message at ‘s  Facebook Fanpage thanking me for helping her as she prepared for her competition.

“I just wanted to stop by to say Thank You. On June 4th I achieved my goal of placing 1st in both the Masters and Heavyweight Women’s Bodybuilding Championships. Dr Notley, you were an integral part of my success that day. I cam to 9 weeks from the MABBA Provincials in a painful situation with trap, delt and pec major issues. I virtually had no range of motion on my right side and was fearful that I would not be able to compete in the Provincial Championships as I was unable to perform my mandatory poses. You worked aggressively with me working through the extensive damage and by giving me the tools to help myself at home with exercises. I was able to achieve my goal and do a perfect “back double biceps” pose. Thank you ounce again.”

Congratulations Lorrainne on your wins and I hope you have more successful competitions in your future.

Dr Notley, Chiropractor and Athletic Therapist, in Winnipeg

Originally posted on May 17, 2022 @ 4:40 pm