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A Chiropractic Patient’s Testimonial

I would like to share this testimonial written by one of my Gelley Chiropractic Office (St.Vital) patients.

“For over nine years I had my own business, sewing and manufacturing baby products. I had one lady who sewed my most popular items like car seat covers and buntings, etc. but I sewed for 8 – 10 hours a day making clothing. I sewed a lot of Disney jackets made with beach towels, with the characters quilted to polar fleece by sewing around every single line in each character.  It took hours and I ended up with rotator cuff, shoulder and neck problems.  I received further injury from exercising with elastic bands and got a one inch supraspinatus tear and a smaller biceps tear.  I was supposed to have surgery but after about a year it seemed to get better.  This summer I re-injured it lifting my 34lb grandson.  I am now having acupuncture and Active Release Techniques (ART) from Dr. Notley and it is getting better a lot quicker than before.  Now for the thing I’m really excited about! All of those years with my baby business I did a lot of craft shows and Mall shows where I stood for hours.   I have suffered with Plantar Fasciitis for 10-12 years.   I have had physiotherapy a number of times but nothing helped much.  Taping my feet did give relief but then I had to have sticky tape on my feet all the time and I eventually got a rash from it.  I went to see Dr. Notley and had acupuncture and ART and I have been able to wear sandals, without constant pain, for the first time in years!!  I strongly recommend Dr. Notley if you have any running injuries, acute or chronic.” Leni – Winnipeg

Originally posted on May 17, 2022 @ 4:40 pm