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Prevention of Running Injuries

A few months ago Dr Gelley, from Gelley Chiropractic Office, and I were asked by The Running Room, at Kenaston and Grant,  to come to discuss the care and prevention of running injuries.  Last night was the night of the talk.  I think it went well.  We had the opportunity to educate about 15 to 20 half marathoners and marathoners about the causes of running injuries, which are often repetitive strain injuries, and methods of treating/preventing these injuries.  In the talk we discussed, to name a few, the benefits of chiropractic care, Active Release Techniques (ART), nutrition, and the importance of discovering muscle imbalances.

Each member received a 5 page article that we wrote for this event. You can view the article below.

I hope this was a positive experience for the runners and that they can put the information to good use.  It is never fun being injured especially when it takes you away from the activities you love doing. If they do have injuries I hope that they trust me enough to come for care.
DrNotley – Prevention of Running Injuries

I hope you enjoyed the article. Save it, print it, share with others

Until next week, have a good one.

Dr Notley

Originally posted 2010-07-28 17:02:00.