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This blog post marks the first anniversary of Dr Notley’s Spot on Health.  When I first started this blog I wasn’t certain that I was going to be able to stay consistent with my posts. I figured I would hit a point where I would not know what to talk about. I feared I would not have a subject to cover.  I also knew that if I let a week slide I would end up letting it slide for way too long.
I decided to look back at all my blogs and see which were my top ten most viewed posted.  Here they are in reverse order:

10. Ask the Chiropractor: Is it bad to crack your knuckles?  
Mach 24, 2011
150 Pageviews

In my chiropractic practise I am often asked he question, “Is it bad to crack my knuckles?” In my opinion this is likely an old wives tale but I figured it would be worth while to see if there is any research on the subject.  I took some time and did a pubmed central review of the phrase, “habitual knuckle cracking”. Click here for more

9. Getting the Motivation towards Achieving Better Health
November 4, 2010
179 Pageviews

    I hear it all the time from patients. Heck, I even say it myself. “I need to get in better shape”.”I need to eat better”.  I am sure you have been told that you need to make a plan on how you are going to eat (meal plans) or exercise (workout plans) to a serious attempt at getting healthy.  You can have the best plan in the world created by the best Chiropractor, Athletic Therapist, Personal Trainer or Nutritionist  but you will fail miserably if you do not have the motivation to stick with it.

    Motivation is the “things” that induce you to act a certain way. Motivation is involved in every aspect of our life; work or play. Without motivation you will not continue pursuing your goals. Be aware that some forms of motivation are better than others though especially when it comes to healthy living. Click here for more…

8. Active Release Techniques and the Treatment of Running Injuries 
Jul 22, 2010

180 Pageviews

    ART® was created by an aeronautical engineer, chiropractor and avid triathalon competitor, Dr Micheal Leahy. ART® is a fixture at all Ironman Triathalons and has even been accepted as treatment option for athletes by some sports medicine doctors in Winnipeg. It is a hands on system of treating and managing soft tissue injuries. Soft tissues include muscles, ligaments, tendons, and nerves.  The ART® provider uses this system to help examine, diagnose and treat myofascial (muscle and fascia) pain and adhesions/scar tissue between and within these soft tissues. Click here for more…

7.Training Core and Scapular Muscles with the TRX Suspension Trainer
Oct 21, 2010

207 Pageviews

Often in my Chiropractic and Athletic Therapy practice I see people who have poor core strength (which includes the rectus abdominus, obliques, quadratus lumborum, hip flexors, gluteal muscles, hamstring muscles in addition to the smaller stabilizing muscles of the hip and lumbar spine) and poor scapular stabilization muscles (rhomboids, trapezius and serratus anterior muscles).  I recently had a patient come in with both of these problems.  His chief complaints included, a history of top of the shoulder/neck pain as well as a history of lower back pain. I decided to use my favorite piece of exercise equipment, to help with his goals, the TRX suspension trainer. Click here for more…

6.Get healthy in less time: High Intensity Interval Training (AKA Burst Training)
Sept 16, 2010

319 Pageviews
Burst training is the newest buzz in the fitness/health industry.  Another name for it is High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).  I prefer calling it Burst Training. It is quicker to say and it sounds less harsh than High Intensity Interval Training. This is not a new method of training but it has definitely been getting more press because of the health benefits that are being revealed in the research journals. Click here for more….
5.Chiropractic and Maintenance Care
Feb 17, 2011
323 Pageviews
Maintenance Chiropractic care is elective care.  By definition it is long term care, that is not therapeutically necessary, but performed at regular intervals to help prevent injury and enhance quality of life.  This form of care is provided after maximal therapeutic benefit is achieved, without a trial of treatment withdrawal, to prevent symptoms from returning or for those without symptoms to promote health or prevent future problems. Click here for more…
4.Side Plank Exercise Progressions: Great for your Back and Core
Oct 28, 2010
385 Pageviews
As a Chiropractor, I see a lot of people with lower back problems.  Research has found that both chiropractic manipulation and exercise result in  significant improvements in back pain/injuries.   As my patients improve in their pain and their function I change my focus from passive care to a more active approach.  At some point in time I incorporate a core strengthening program.  One of the exercises that I use is the side plank. Click here for more…

3. Fake TRX Suspension Trainer: An Update
Dec 1, 2010
1,382 Pageviews
I must say, I didn’t expect to have so many people viewing my blog on
exposing a fake TRX suspension trainer. I definitely didn’t expect to have people emailing me and telling me their stories of also purchasing a fake TRX.

Here are two emails I received recently.  Click here for more…

2.Exposing a “TRX Suspension Trainer” Fake
Sep 23, 2010
5,802 Pageviews
About 2 weeks ago I contacted Fitness Anywhere regarding a problem that I had with my TRX suspension trainer. The problem I had was that the cam, which adjusts the length of the straps, had a tendency to not hold onto the strap after adjusting the length. The response I received from them was that this kind of problem has been seen on fake/counterfeit TRX’s. They asked me to take some pictures of my TRX and email them. The next morning I received an email and found out that my TRX was a fake. Click here for more….
And the most read blog post was….

Weight Loss and Getting Healthy Success Story – An Interview 
Dec 29, 2010
13,887 Pageviews

As you may know, I am on Twitter (@DrNotley). I meet many interesting people on there and see many people who have had successes in their goals of loosing weight and getting healthy. One such individual is Kym (@kymberley76). Kym is a true success story and she should be applauded for her transformation. She did it the old fashioned way; hard work and good nutrition.

I decided to email Kym some questions so that I could learn how she managed to achieve her goals for this year. Click here for more…

What a year it was. I hope that I can provide you with more content for years to come.

Dr Notley
The only dual credentialed Chiropractor and Athletic Therapist in Winnipeg

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