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#ExploreMovement – Flowfit #1

What is Explore Movement?

To explore movement means to challenge your body in ways it doesn’t typically move. In this day and age we often get stuck doing the same movements over and over. We are awesome at sitting. We do it for hours on end.  We might be great with squats. We might perform downward dog with perfection (I don’t as you will see).  But what movements don’t we do regularly? Those movements we struggle at are movements we should perform to help our body move better.

I’ll be posting different movement flows over the next while.  Don’t expect perfection in my videos. Hopefully one of them catches your attention. Just remember to be safe. Don’t try something that looks too challenging.

If you do try these movements record them and post them online using the hashtag #ExploreMovement

Originally posted 2018-02-21 16:41:42.