End of an Era

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If you have followed this blog over the past 4 years you would have been being reading it from my blogspot page (drnotley.blogspot.com).  You likely also know I have another website, drnotley.com.  After four years I decided to combine the two sites under one website, drnotley.com.  Since this was a new beginning I decided to completely revamp the look of the site.  There is a new logo, colour scheme and header. The logo and header was done by Lime Creative. In addition, the creation of this site, using WordPress, was done by me.  It was a fun challenge to myself to learn something new. Figuring out how to use WordPress and  to make changes to the site without any coding knowledge was at first daunting but got easier as I learned more.

As exciting as the change is it is also sad to see the old site go.  I am very thankful to have a sister who took the time to develop and maintain my site over the past four years.  As she has shown me, a simple website that is easy to maneuver around is very attract to prospective patients.  I have received many compliments from my chiropractic patients about how much they like my website.   Thanks to her, my website has been on the first page of Google using the search terms: Winnipeg Chiropractor.  I hope with this new website I can continue to keep the site on the first page.

I hope you enjoy the new look of the website .

If you follow my feedburner feed you shouldn’t be affected but if you are not receiving any more of my feeds then please use this feed: drnotley.com/feed.

Have a great day.

Dr Notley
Winnipeg Chiropractor and Athletic Therapist

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