Chiropractic care helping the medical system

This is how Chiropractic care an help with the medical system.  We can help take the stress off of the medical system in Canada for those with headaches, back and neck pain.  In the USA, we can find Chiropractors in the hospitals, working along side medical doctors. I would love to see the day that we could work along side each other to help our mutual patients.

This study was performed in the United States so the numbers would not be the same but the evidence shows how Chiropractic care can help reduce the stress and burden on the medical system.

Collectively, these studies suggest that coverage of chiropractic care among adults is associated with reduced spending on medicine and use of diagnostic tests in the population with private insurance.

Activated Glial Cells Amplify Pain

Pain is a curious thing.  I treat people with it all the time.  Many people get better with what I do.  Others show no response. Some have pain no matter what they do, even months or years after an injury or even when no injury has occurred.  Why is thadrnotley-pain-and-glial-cellst? Here is a little bit of information on what can cause pain outside of the direct causes of acute injury.

Check out this article: Pain amplification by activation of glial cells!

One of the take home parts of this article is:

According to the author, neuroinflammatory diseases of the brain, environmental factors and even the person’s own lifestyle can lead to activation of Glial Cells. Examples from the current literature are: depression, anxiety disorders and chronic stress, multiple sclerosis or Alzheimer’s and diabetes, as well as lack of exercise and poor diet. Author: “Glial cells are an important factor in ensuring the equilibrium of a person’s neuroinflammatory system.”

Here is the research paper: