Neck Retraction Exercise


  • Strengthens deep neck muscles in the front of the neck.
  • Stretches suboccipital muscles and the base of the skull

Start position

  • Sitting relaxed in a chair with upper back support
  • Hand on chin

Finished position

  • Use your hand to help move your chin towards your neck to give yourself a double chin. Most of the work should be done with your neck muscles and not your hand.
  • At the same time, move your head backwards as though you are trying to move head behind your shoulders.

Common Errors

  • Tilting the nose down or upwards. The nose should only move horizontally backwards.

Kettlebell shoulder flow

Here are some exercises that can be done for the shoulder. If you aren’t comfortable with the kettlebell these exercises might not be for you.

  1. Side lying corkscrew
  2. Kettlebell Arm Bar
  3. Side lying shoulder “circles”
  4. Floor press
  5. Crooked arm bar
  6. Dynamic shoulder stability from floor press

I have been playing around with this flow.  Here are some tweaks I have tried.

  1. Supine – serratus punch
  2. Supine corkscrew
  3. Floor press
  4. Side lying corkscrew
  5. Side lying shoulder “circles”
  6. Scapular protraction/retraction – this is a little tough to do
  7. Kettlebell arm bar
  8. Crooked arm bar
  9. Dynamic shoulder stability from floor press